Are you interested in music lessons - more than music lessons.  Music education.  Music can not be taught just on black and white sheet music.  It's a feeling.  It is, for me, a way of life.  I've been teaching for 28 years this December, I love it.  Email me:

Our Spring 2020 recital will be Sunday, May 17! There will be a 2pm, a 4pm and a 6pm show. 

Rehearsal will be the day before, Sat May 16.  It is a drop in and will take between 5 and 10 minutes.  Parents will stay with their students.

If COVID19 should impact our area during this time, the recital will go on.  We will create a video recital!!!

If COVID19 impacts our area, our lessons will still be on!  We will move to a FaceTime or other video format.

Spring Recital Roadmap YAY! Hey Parents and Students! Here is a basic outline of our recital happenings for May 2020! 37.7 KB