From the recording Don't Tell Mama


Very Angry Boogie
Renée Janski

I know this lady
She’s talking all the time
She thinks she knows me
She asked me for a rhyme
About her lifestyle
And I politely said ‘no’.
But she whined and she pleaded
So here goes.
I just wrote a very angry boogie.

Why you have to ask me
Why I feel so strong
About the ‘other ones’
The ones that don’t belong
In our society
Why would I get involved?
It’s everybody’s problem
Come on, EVOLVE.
This is the start of a very angry boogie.

I could be wishing her ill
Or talking some smack
Or telling truths about her
Behind her back
I’m so hopping mad
But that’s alright
I’m gonna hit unfriend on FB tonight!

You are the ‘ism’ that I try to knock down
Like racism and sexism
You take the crown.
You are a womyn.
There is a serious plight
For gender equality
And equal rights.
Watch out, this is a very angry boogie.

You seem offended
Maybe you really don’t know,
But I’m not your teacher, not your preacher
Try Rachel Maddow for some answers
If you really do care
When you ask what’s a mosque
And why would they put one there?
Can you see why I had to write this angry boogie?

I think you hate me
With your sealed shut mind
I think I scare you
Because you can not find
My perameters
They’re not inside a pretty box
I don’t meet your Barbie standards
OMG! Take a walk.
This has been a very angry boogie.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this very angry boogie.