Interested in a liberal yet spiritual choir in Northwest Arkansas?  I am the Music Director at Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Fayetteville's awesome choir!  Email me and I will put you on the choir email list or give you more info!  No audition or music reading necessary!


Beloved Choir - we are virtual until further notice- email me with any questions.

Oseh Shalom Prelude 759 KB
Where Do We Come From opening hymn 534 KB
This House is Yours Call to Worship 5.34 MB
De Noche Sermon song #1 906 KB
Vieni Spirito Creatore Sermon Song #2 992 KB
Mother I Feel You Sermon Song #3 (if we need to cut one it will be this one) 1.16 MB
There's a River Sermon Song #4 1.59 MB
Turn the World Around Sermon Song #5 5.61 MB
May Your Life Be As A Song Sermon Song #6 330 KB
We Give Thanks offertory - if needed 3.36 MB
Lean On Me Closing Hymn and Postlude reprisal 3.97 MB