Moments of Love - a better Valentine's show

Online Concert Thing

Beloveds, we learn a lot in a year. We learn a new sense of what is important and what truly uplifts us when we need it the most. For me, it has been little moments of Love that have sustained me through these difficult months. Little moments that perhaps would have gone unnoticed before. Little moments of Love that come to sit with us and keep us company. That’s what I want to celebrate! So, I will be giving a Valentine’s show! This is not a basic Valentine’s show, not slow-dance-romantic-love-only show. Romance might be mentioned, but this show is about the Moments of Love that have buoyed us through these life-altering 12 months. Please join RJ and I for our first show of 2021!

Sunday, February 14, 2021, 5pmCentral (6pm Eastern) Our Canadian buddies at Online Concert Thing will be running our show, they’re great!

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