Amazon, Warrior, Princess - lyrics by Renee Janski

I watched her from across the room,
With her three kids in line since noon.
The man put soup in all their bowls
A few green beans, a crusty roll.
Her step rock-solid, her head held high
They sat down and the meal went by…

I sat down and we started to talk.
She was goin' to work, they were gonna to walk.
"May I offer you a ride?"
She said, "No, my kids need the exercise."

She's a big bad gina who's in control
And when they walked away I said real low:

You are a goddess
You are an angel
You are a warrior, like an Amazon princess
You are kindness
You fight the good fight
Standing up tall, making it through the long night.

A tribe of women we do not know
Dig in dry dirt for seeds they sow
Carrying water in great big sacks
Across their shoulders and on their backs
To nourish the earth and water the ground
Of their little garden, safe and sound.

Three months later, a harvest feast
Complete with bread and roasted beast.
No hungry mouths for miles around
Their "loaves and fishes" were profound
Jesus did it like a magic show
But these tireless women made a garden grow!

They are goddesses
They are angels
They are warriors, like an Amazon princess
Oh teach me
To fight the good fight
How to knock down walls
And make it through the long night.                            (instrumental break)

I'll tell you what I was lookin' for
Until I looked inside and found much more
I've got big strong arms and a heart full of love
I've got a wallet that's not empty
And grace like a dove
I've got food on my table and clothes on my back
When I look at my life - I do not lack.

I am everything I want.
I am everything I need.
I am 32 flavors, a Giant, indeed.
Like Maya says, I'll cut my own path through
And when I'm done, I'll come help you.

I am a goddess
I am an angel
I am a warrior -  like an Amazon princess.
I work hard
To fight the good fight
Building bridges
And making it through the long night. (repeat a few times)