From the recording Don't Tell Mama


Love You Louder Janski

So many bad messages for us
The bright, bright world all covered up.
You’ve seen your share of sad, and
Life’s not fair, we all know that.

I‘m here to give you grace
to touch the beauty of your sweet face
I know how lucky I am
To be your biggest fan.

I’m gonna love you louder
Folks will see how proud I am
There’s no need for doom and gloom
Birds are flying, flowers in bloom
Since Happiness is a choice
I’ll get up and use my voice
Love you louder everywhere
Don’t be scared.

When I wake up in the morning and get out of bed
So many questions in my head
Open my eyes and look in the mirror
Hoping the answers will be a little clearer

For a moment I just see the ugly in me
That I fight endlessly,
But you smile so tenderly and say
That I’m sexy every moment of the day.

You’re gonna love me louder
Folks will see how proud you are
There’s no need for doom and gloom
I’m the rhyme and you’re the tune
If I can’t see myself just right
I’ll take a look through your eyes.
You’ll love me louder everywhere
Baby, I’m not scared

My life has taken me so many places
Connected with beautiful people and spaces
Seen drag queens on floats and dykes on bikes
Parades 2 miles long, a beautiful sight
Cities come together saying Love is Love
With Pride in our words, shouted from above
Within our politics let there be no confusion
We are a part of the queer revolution!

Let’s Love each other louder
Folks will see how proud we are
There’s no need for doom and gloom
A Big Bad Rainbow’s coming soon
Red, orange, yellow, green, purple and blue
Sing with me, I’ll sing for you
With hearts open and arms out wide
Let’s show the world OUR PRIDE!

Let’s Shout It
Tout it
Say it
Pray it
Sign it
Sing it
Dance it
Prance it

Repeat chorus

Repeat chorus optional