From the recording Don't Tell Mama


Relative Comparison ©2016 Renée Janski

We're the 2 wicked stepsisters really so wicked?
Or just confused and misunderstood?
Did they have low self-esteem and anxiety?
Or were they just bullies in the neighborhood.
It's hard to know what is true
Relativity is important! When the
person that you're being compared to (incessantly)
Is perfect and Faery-god-mother anointed.

Verse One
Life's never been any other way
Than to have an assistant for a sister
(You said it)
All I've heard my entire life
Is just to find a mister.
(They really don’t get it)

She is lucky she gets to stay home
And not have to go to the balls
Where the pressure is on to be the bell
But the prince never calls.
(Silly Prince never calls)


Verse two
Of course I yell at her, of course I curse
My future is such a pity (such a pity)
Perhaps I'll run away (what?) into the night (where?!)
And move to the big city. (Wait for me!)

No one asks what I would like to do
(No fault for me or you.)
She gets to clean and sew
(Let’s just GO)
I'd like to learn to wield a sword
My heart yearns to pull a bow

Instead the bows are in my hair
And mum puts me in pink dresses
(I hate these dresses)
She tells me to find a prince,
But I'm attracted to princesses.


The unfortunate situation
Of a bad reputation
Encourages defamation
And lifelong accusations
So don't believe everything
People will say anything
And usually not the whole thing
For the glory of the gossiping

The moral of the story
Is to get the whole story
Not just the underdog's
Rise to glory

And dig a little deeper
Turn stone by stone
Until Facts are revealed
Until the truth Is Known