Don't Tell Mama is ALMOST HERE!

Friends!!  Happy Happy Spring!!

My New CD, Don't Tell Mama will be delivered on Tuesday, March 21!  I am so excited to share this project with everyone!                    Buy it Here

There are so many folks to thank for helping me on this journey!  Ginger Doss for recording/producing/teaching, being such a kind friend, dog samples, and playing killer rock organs; RJ for playing bass and keeping me grounded and fed during the intense making of this record; Sooj for creating new characters, adding the humor, guitars, perfect doo-wap vocals; Chelsey Danielle for the rock solid percussion; for Erin and Lane and Art for the amazing CD art; and Sam and Summer and all of my other dear best beloveds who told me I CAN DO IT!!!  My gratitude is knee deep and sky high - oh, thank you thank you thank you!


So LET THE CD RELEASE PARTIES BEGIN!!! 2017 is almost booked up!  Michigan and Ohio - I'm gonna come see you first - with the amazing Summer Osborne!  And doing shows in the midwest with SJ Tucker, and planning an EPIC West Coast tour in the Autumn with the Bamazing Ginger Doss and SJ Tucker!  My Event Schedule will tell you all about it!

I am involved with an incredible group of musicians called Soulwriters.  We have been turning in a song a week since Jan 1 and we've already each turned in 11 songs!  This is and has been one of the most fulfilling things in my personal musical growth.  And the other is teaching.  My studio is back to 25 students strong and our recitals are amazing.  I have songwriters, pianists - all ages, all genres - that work hard with me and showcase their work twice/year at our recitals - the next one is coming up in May - I'll tell you more about it soon!

Happy Blessed Spring Equinox Everyone!

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