Brand New Day CD Project and ConcertWindow! Happy Autumn!

Welcome to the new website, everyone! Happy Autumn!! So much has happened since I wrote to you last... 

First of all, please join me Monday, October 24, 7 p.m. at my first online ConcertWindow show! From my parlor to yours! Let me know what you think of my new tunes! 


My first solo CD, Brand New Day, is coming to fruition surely and joyfully. Each track has been chosen with tons of love. My Kickstarter will kick off on the day of my ConcertWindow, and it will run through the end of November. I'm hoping to finish recording (with the amazing Ginger Doss) in December, send off to replication in January and then release on Valentine's Day and go on the Brand New Tour! Please get involved and participate with me for this exciting project! 

This summer I was honored to bring my solo set to Venus Music Festival AND Ohio Lesbian Festival! Venus is run by my beloved SisterWhereYouAt Sisters, Summer and Lori Osborne. RJ and I will be going next year, come with us! Ohio Lesbian Festival grew from ~400 to 1,200 festies in one year! It was AWESOME! I wasn't slated to play a solo set, rather to side play for Summer's killer set and that went really well! And right after Summer's set I was asked to fill a spot for someone who couldn't make it - so I was the final musician (other than closing) on Sunday - it was SUCH an honor and while I was nervous, it all fell away because I got to play for my sisters and show off my new set! I received great feedback and hope to be there next year as well! 

My music studio is flourishing! 24 students strong, barreling toward recital in December! If you or someone you know would like to study music, with Skype or in person, please keep me in mind! Also in December I'm celebrating 25 years of teaching piano!! I'll never stop, I love it! <3 

So Beloveds, enjoy the Fall - the leaves, the crisp weather, the apple cider and good comfort food! And join me 10.24@7pm for my online show and enjoy some good music too! http://www.concertwindow/reneejanski

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