Awaking from hibernation, 2017

Beloved Community!

Take a moment and breathe with me.  We've needed a lot of that lately.

I am working hard on the new CD - y'all, we have decided to change the name of the project!  Don't Tell Mama will be released in just a few weeks, I'll be keeping you posted on Facebook!  If you're not connected with me on Facebook, go here!  I have the huge honor to work with Ginger Doss as recording engineer for Don't Tell Mama, and this weekend, Chelsey Danielle and SJ Tucker put killer percussion and guitar and vocal tracks on it too!  It's so amazing to watch each song come to life and I can't wait to share it with you!  

On Friday, 1.10.17 Ginger, Lynda Millard, Sooj, Chelsey, RJ and I gave a free Live concert on Facebook to give folks an alternative.  You can still find it on my personal facebook page!  It was so powerful - like it was so powerful watching all the women and allies marching.  Together we are more powerful than we are alone - so keep reaching out, beloveds!

Amazon Music Festival is just around the corner - do you have your tickets??  They are in the store on my website!  If you liked the round robin style on the Facebook concert - understand that there will be more of that... a lot more of that at Amazon Music Festival.  Stronger Together!

I'm so looking forward to going out this spring and summer with the new album and with 2 of my best friends!  Summer Osborne and I will hit Ohio and Michigan and more, S.J.Tucker and I will rocking out at Heartland Pagan Festival, National Women's Music Festival, Earth Warriors Festival and so much more!  I will put all of the info on my events page here!

Remember how loved you are! By me and many others!

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